Sewing Basics: Seams, Zippers, Button Holes & Elastic


Sewing Basics: Seams, Zippers, Button Holes & Elastic


There are certain sewing basics that once you have them, you can pretty much do any sewing project.  In our Sewing Basics series, we will be working on some common sewing techniques that will help take your projects to the next level and relieve you of some anxiety when you see certain things come up in your sewing pattern. A knowledge of the basic use of your machine is required.

For this class, we will work on the following:

~ Basic & finishing seams

~ Zippers

~ Button holes

~ Elastic Casing


Saturday, February 21st: 1-4pm

$35 all supplies included


If you have a sewing machine at home (like that one you got for Christmas that's still in the box), bring it with you.  It's always good to get practice and learn the machine you'll be sewing on.  Don't have a machine?  Let us know at sign-up and we can provide you with one to use. These classes are small and are geared toward one-on-one instruction and focus.

The best part about camps, classes & parties at Niche Fabric & Studio is that by the end you have some super cute items that you created yourself and the know-how to do it again anytime! Once you have signed up, we will send any special instruction or supply lists.  You can find all items in our store, so come by and we can help you pick the fabric that will be right for the projects.


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