Serger Basics: Yoga Pants or Leggings


Serger Basics: Yoga Pants or Leggings


It’s true this machine can perform magic – at least watching one work gives you that impression. Don't be alarmed by the multiple thread spools or racing speed. With a few basic instructions, you'll be well on your way to learning how to use this versatile and fun machine. Plus, once you feel comfortable with a serger, you won't believe the time it saves in your sewing room! This class is perfect for people who have always been interested in serging, but never known how to get started.  You must bring your own serger for this class.

 For this class, we will work on yoga pants or leggings; plus we'll review the following:

~ Parts of a serger

~ Basic use and function of a serger

~ Basic techniques for serging


Thursday, January 15th: 6-9pm

$35 plus some supplies



~ Your serger machine with your machine's manual and any accessories that came with it

~ 1.5 yards of knit with 70% stretch across grain AND in the length or lycra (Black lycra will be available for purchase the night of class.)


~ 4 cones of matching thread

~ Elastic*

~ Niche toolkit - includes scissors, pins, fray check, measuring tape, etc.*

 *indicates items that are included in the price of your class fee. All other items can be found at our studio.


These classes are small and are geared toward one-on-one instruction and focus. The best part about camps, classes & parties at Niche Fabric & Studio is that by the end you have some super cute items that you created yourself and the know-how to do it again anytime! Once you have signed up, we will send any special instruction or supply lists.  You can find all items in our store, so come by and we can help you pick the fabric that will be right for the projects.


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