Feed the Animal


Feed the Animal


Ever feel like something is eating up all your money? You’re right! Let these supercute coin purse sewing patterns gobble up your change, cash, and credit cards. Choose from a mischievous menagerie of money-eating friends, including a monkey, cat, and dog. These coin purse sewing patterns are so irresistible you can't make just one!


What You'll Need

Quilting cotton, linen, or other lightweight woven fabrics cut to the following dimensions:

10" x 16" piece of fabric A (outside of coin purse, including face and ears)

10" x 16" piece of fabric B (lining)

3" x 6" piece for the monkey eye mask

3 1/2" square for the dog eye patch

2" square for the eyes for all animals

3" x 4" scrap of felt for the zipper pull

10" x 16" piece of lightweight quilt batting

8" x 7" piece of double-sided fusible web such as Steam-a-Seam for appliqué


Coordinating thread for appliqué and coin purse

7" zipper

Two 5⁄8" buttons for eyes (Try two different buttons for fun!)

Two 3⁄8" to 1/2" buttons (Optional: if you want to stack buttons for the eyes, make sure all four buttons are all 2- or 4-hole to make stacking and sewing easier.)

Embroidery floss for stitched nose on all animals and for cat whiskers

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