August 4th -- Rag Quilt Class (Day)


August 4th -- Rag Quilt Class (Day)


Rag quilts are fun and easy projects for people at ANY skill level looking to make quilts. You quilt as you go, which makes this quilt fast and less expensive than a traditional quilt. Rag quilts get their name because one side is smooth, while the other side has the seams out that are ragged.  It's washable & soft too. Once you learn to make this quilt, you will be sewing a ton of them for birthday gifts, baby showers, and graduation gifts! 

Thursday, August 4th: 1-4pm

Instructor: Melissa

$40 plus some supplies 

*For this class, we make the baby quilt size to ensure you see the process from start to finish.  Larger sizes like the kids or adult stadium quilt sizes can be made as well but will not be finished that night.  Email if you are interested in making a larger size for additional supply info.


~ Rag quilt pattern*

~ (5) half yards of coordinating fabric. Kits are also available in studio that have the correct amount of coordinating, designer fabrics in lots of styles.  *If you decide to bring in your fabric from home or another store, we'd be happy to cut all of it for you before class for a cutting fee of $10. From each half yard, please cut two pieces at 3" and two pieces at 6".)

~ 1 1/4 yards of flannel in coordinating color (White usually works great for most quilts)

~ Coordinating thread

~ Niche toolkit for your use during class - includes scissors, pins, fray check, measuring tape, etc.*

*indicates items that are included in the price of your class fee. Bold items needs to be brought or purchased for class.  Are you in our Rewards Program? Purchasing your supplies with us earns you points. 

Rag quilts are a great project for sewist at any skill level and make great gifts.  The size we will be sewing measures approximately 40x35" and is good for baby, crib, and kids blankets; however once you learn the basic techniques, you can do this quilt in kids and adult stadium quilt sizes. 

If you have a machine at home, bring it with you. It's always good to sew on a machine you are comfortable with.  If you don't have a machine, we can provide you with one.   If you are bringing your own machine, bring a walking-foot in case you would like to use it for this project.  It is not required but can be useful.

Once you have signed up, we will send any special instruction or supply lists.  You can find all items in our store, so come by and we can help you pick the fabric that will be right for this project. The best part about camps, classes & parties at Niche Fabric & Studio is that by the end you have some super cute items that you created yourself and the know-how to do it again anytime! 


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