Sewing Classes

Why sew?

Though some may see sewing as a traditional or outdated past time, sewing is actually trending upward for modern creatives.  It's an incredibly versatile  "niche" because it allows for creative expression but is also an amazing and practical life skill that everyone would benefit from knowing at least the basics of. 

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types of sewing

Machine Sewing

Sewing machines range from the simple, yet powerful to the fancy and computerized. Depending on the type of sewing you are interested in, you can find a machine that's right for you! In our studio, we sew on Janome Sewist 500s, but we can sewist everyday on different brands and types.

Serger Sewing

These "magical" sewing machines are great for finishing seams or sewing with stretchy fabric like knits, lycra or spandex.  If you sew clothes or work with stretch often, you will love the ease and professional look you can achieve.

Hand Sewing

Though hand sewing won't be a class on it's own, we teach several classes that involve an element of sewing with needle and thread  Learning various techniques of hand mending clothes, sewing on a button or fixing a seam can be used for a lifetime! 

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What sewing classes does niche offer?

Beginning Classes -- Niche offers a Sewing Boot Camp for Beginners each month that covers all of the basics of sewing including how to use a machine, sew simple seams, and troubleshooting a sewing machine. It will have you sewing confidently and allow you to take any of our other sewing classes. We also offer basics classes in sewing clothes, alterations, using a serger, quilting and more! 

Intermediate/Advanced Classes -- You know the basics, now whatAfter School Sewing sessions are a great opportunity for your child to receive a small group, personalized  instruction in areas of sewing that they are interested in. Various session will be available throughout the Fall & Spring Sessions

Young Sewist Classes -- We love teaching the next generation to sew! Our young sewist classes are offering on weekends, school holidays and over the summer.  We teach sewing basics while making creative and unique projects your child will love!  We also offer sewing birthday parties for your child.  Young sewist classes are open to ages 7 and up.

After School Sewing -- This series covers basics of sewing techniques on a weekly basis.  Each series is themed and concentrated to give your child an opportunity to build on the basics and learn more intermediate techniques.

One-on-Ones -- Have a specific sewing project you are interested in learning? Set up some time with our amazing sewing instructor who can sit down with you and offer individualized attention and direction.