Stretch It Out!

stretch 2.jpg

Summer is around the corner and I can think of a gazillion ways to use our Stretch Vinyl to decorate your apparel. Well maybe a gazillion is a far STRETCH, but there are definitely quite a few. Stretch vinyl is a lightweight vinyl choice that is super soft and yes you guessed it, super STRETCHY! It is great to go on bathing suits, Dri-Fit shirts (ahem your cool workout shirts and tanks), Headbands, Beach Towels, and any slinky material that might need a little movement from your vinyl. You can also use it on regular cotton shirts to because you can barely feel it on there because of its lightweight feel. 

How to Use:

stretch bathingsuit.jpg

It is a little trickier to cut than regular vinyl. Everyone's settings could be a little different so I would highly suggest using a test cut to make sure that it cuts all the way through. You can use vinyl glossy setting or heat transfer smooth but adjust the pressure of the blade or the blade depth itself when doing the test cut. My rule of thumb when cutting stretch is that if I can feel the cut on the vinyl then I know that it will weed good. If you don't feel it then there is a good chance it might now be cut all the way. You also don't want it to cut all the way through either hence test cut, test cut, test cut!

Once everything is weeded you can set your heat press to a low temperature of 305. Once you press it for 10 to 15 seconds with medium to firm pressure go ahead and take it off and LET IT COOL down before removing the transfer sheet as this particular vinyl is a COLD PEEL. If you remove it too soon while hot there is a chance that the vinyl could continue to stretch and leave a little overlapping piece which doesn't look very cute. 

stretch headbands.jpg

Now you are introduced to stretch vinyl! Don't be scared of it because once you get the hang of it you will want to use this lightweight gem on most of your shirts for sure!