Stretch It Out!

stretch 2.jpg

Summer is around the corner and I can think of a gazillion ways to use our Stretch Vinyl to decorate your apparel. Well maybe a gazillion is a far STRETCH, but there are definitely quite a few. Stretch vinyl is a lightweight vinyl choice that is super soft and yes you guessed it, super STRETCHY! It is great to go on bathing suits, Dri-Fit shirts (ahem your cool workout shirts and tanks), Headbands, Beach Towels, and any slinky material that might need a little movement from your vinyl. You can also use it on regular cotton shirts to because you can barely feel it on there because of its lightweight feel. 

How to Use:

stretch bathingsuit.jpg

It is a little trickier to cut than regular vinyl. Everyone's settings could be a little different so I would highly suggest using a test cut to make sure that it cuts all the way through. You can use vinyl glossy setting or heat transfer smooth but adjust the pressure of the blade or the blade depth itself when doing the test cut. My rule of thumb when cutting stretch is that if I can feel the cut on the vinyl then I know that it will weed good. If you don't feel it then there is a good chance it might now be cut all the way. You also don't want it to cut all the way through either hence test cut, test cut, test cut!

Once everything is weeded you can set your heat press to a low temperature of 305. Once you press it for 10 to 15 seconds with medium to firm pressure go ahead and take it off and LET IT COOL down before removing the transfer sheet as this particular vinyl is a COLD PEEL. If you remove it too soon while hot there is a chance that the vinyl could continue to stretch and leave a little overlapping piece which doesn't look very cute. 

stretch headbands.jpg

Now you are introduced to stretch vinyl! Don't be scared of it because once you get the hang of it you will want to use this lightweight gem on most of your shirts for sure!

All the Feels with Flocked

flocked bride.jpg

Let’s delve into the world of flocked vinyl. Don’t sleep on this fuzzy material because it can work wonders on a project.  It is a great choice of vinyl to use on shirts to accentuate an animal or great to use on a beach towel (ahem Graduation & Summer are around the corner). Flocked is thicker so it presses well on the texture of towels. Plus it’s soft so it doesn’t feel funny on a towel when you are using it.  If you would like to create a more professional looking hat by adding a company logo to it then Flocked is the way to go.  It adds a raised richness and texture to any design you choose. You can also add different levels by layering other types with flocked vinyl i.e. foil, glitter, or just sticking with another color of flocked.

How to use:

After creating your design, set your cut settings to Heat Transfer Flocked or you can use your Glitter Setting. I would suggest to use  the test cut  to ensure the right depth. Weed the excess material then preheat your heat press to  320 degrees. This is another cold peel vinyl so let your garment completely cool before trying to remove transfer paper.

There you have it a beautifully textured piece of art that I am sure you will be touching constantly to feel the fuzz!

onesie flocked.jpg

Paisley, and Polka Dots, and Paw prints...OH MY! Living in the world of PRINTED VINYL!

printed vinyl tumbler.jpg

The world of vinyl would not be complete without printed vinyl. It can change your vinyl project in minutes from simple to spectacular. The great thing is that it can be customized to your particular themed project by being printed in store at Niche Creative Studio upon request.           

            Now printed vinyl is a little trickier than using regular Siser Easyweed or Stahl’s matte vinyl. Here are the steps and a few tricks to mastering printed vinyl. We have several different kinds: HTV Printed Vinyl, HTV Glitter Printed Vinyl, and Adhesive Printed Vinyl.



htv printed vinyl.jpg

 When creating your design in your software the big difference is to NOT mirror your image. Print vinyl shows really well when using block fonts or thicker lines or shapes. You can use it for swirly monograms and thinner lines but if you do you may want to offset it with a coordinating color so the print can stand out and be the star!

When you go to cut your vinyl you should place the vinyl with the print side up on the mat.  Weed your  design leaving the end product on the mat. Now take your HTV transfer sheet and place it on top of the design. Transfer the design to your blank (i.e. shirt, bag, koozie, etc.).  Heat your garment at 305 degrees with medium to firm pressure for 10-15 seconds. Remove transfer sheet and press garment one more time for 8-10 seconds.



glitter htv printed.jpg

When you want to go the extra mile and add a bit of shine try our BRAND NEW Glitter Printed Vinyl. You would use the same method with printed vinyl by cutting face up and DO NOT MIRROR IMAGE.  To transfer to garment use a High Tack Transfer Sheet, which is available in store of course!

 Preheat your heat press at 305 degrees and apply medium pressure for 12 seconds. You can peel the transfer sheet while it is still hot and press once more for 8-10 seconds.



adhesive printed.jpg

We also carry a large selection of printed adhesive vinyl. Same concept of designing and cutting. Do not mirror and use an adhesive transfer sheet to transfer the design to the cup or item. No heat necessary.

If you don’t need a large sheet of Printed vinyl and are working on a small project try one our mini printed sheets to practice with.

Visit our store to check out our printed vinyl and if you don’t see what you need ask one of our associates for a custom option.

Getting into the THICK of It.... Brick HTV


Ready to meet the Chuck Norris of Vinyl??? I'm talking about the ever impressive Siser Brick Vinyl. It is thick and sturdy and intended to make a statement with its 3 dimensional look and feel. This type of vinyl is great to use for shirts, caps, & bags! Brick Vinyl comes in 7 different colors including white, black, yellow, red, navy blue, royal blue, & green.

brick vinyl 2.jpg

How To Use:

Brick is a much thicker material, so you will need to use your Heat Transfer - Flocked for Cameo or Cardstock Light for Cricut setting to cut. After you create your design and cut it in the reverse, go ahead and weed the excess material. Preheat your heat press at 311 degrees Fahrenheit. Press your garment for 2-3 seconds to get it warmed up. Place your design on the garment and use medium/firm pressure for 20 seconds. Let your garment cool down and peel the carrier cold.

Boom! You have a shirt that will definitely stand out amongst the others. Literally! 

Let's get SHINY: Using Foil HTV

Here at Niche Creative Studio we offer several different types of heat transfer vinyl for your crafting pleasure. Foil HTV is a specialty vinyl that can be used to add a special SHINE to your vinyl project. We have two types of foil currently in the studio that we will talk about today and explain how to use.



The first is the original that we have in stock: the 2 step (crown) foil. This product comes in an array of solid colors and prints. It is very lightweight, striking in color, and easy to use.

Step 1 - Create your design and make sure to mirror the design before cutting. Adjust cut setting to Heat Transfer (Smooth) if using a silhouette. For other machines choose smooth HTV setting. Place your clear adhesive sheet on your mat, shiny side down. Load your mat into your machine. Once, its done cutting, unload your mat from your machine. Remove the adhesive sheet from the mat and weed your design.  Place your weeded design down on your garment, shiny side up and be sure to center it on the item.  Heat press your garment at 315 degrees for 15 seconds with light pressure. You want light pressure so you don't over press the glue and spread it out too much.  After pressing, remove your item from the press to prevent burns. Peel the clear carrier sheet off while hot.

Now Step 2- Lay your foil sheet on top of the clear adhesive, shiny/printed side up. Heat press at 275 degrees for 15 seconds at a medium pressure. Let garment cool all the way down. Once completely cool, remove foil sheet. If you notice some spots where the foil didn't stick, just lay the unused portion of the foil sheet on the design and press again and Voila! If you have some leftover foil save the rest for your next project.  2 Step foil is known for a more distressed look.

one step foil.jpg


1 Step foil is the 2nd option that we offer and comes in several solid colors. You may be a little more familiar with the usage if you have used Easyweed Siser or other solid HTV before. Its basically the same method to cut. Place the shiny side down on the mat. You can cut the material using cut settings for Heat Transfer Smooth. Once cut you can place on the blank of your choice. The Heat settings should be set at 305 degrees and can be applied with light pressure once to achieve the mirrored look. For a grainy, hammered look just press the garment twice with firm pressure and VOILA! 

Now you are ready to shine on with your foil! Visit our store to see all the foil options your heart desires.